Many people love to look at graphics, and no doubt graphics enhance the look of your site. But the purpose of a website is to provide information for your viewing audience. An effective website provides not only great graphics but also engaging content. To have a truly successful site these two components of site development should be wedded together to give a uniform and harmonious journey through the site, and embellish upon your company's already good name.

Marketing content and editing.

Mark Harden's Artchive
Essays on Edouard Manet and Jean-Antoine Watteau.

Printmaster, Inc
Written especially for Printmaster, Inc..written content for the series "Colors of a Woman's Palette". Features biographical and historical information on woman artists through the ages. This piece now at My Studios.

Cafe Guerbois
Produced written content for the entire site. Includes research and historical background information for all essays, reviews and artist biographies.

My Studios
Contributor to My Studios' "Women in Art" section.

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