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Lysa MacDonald, owner and designer of Ally's Art Loft, is based in Westbrook, Connecticut, USA. Ally's Art Loft creates commercial and nonprofit Internet presence for businesses and individuals wishing to establish an online identity. Projects include graphic design, web design, banner ads, marketing and consult. In addition, Ally's Art Loft provides written content development for web sites which seek informative text regarding the fine arts.

Prior to founding Ally's Art Loft, Lysa studied Art History at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. Art and design is a passion and labor of love and therefore does not seem to be work at all. In 1998, she was the recipient of the Baird Fellowship for Art History. A classical fine arts background compels many visits to museums and watershed exhibitions..traveling often to New York City and an all too brief stay in Paris, France. She has played with different mediums...painting, mosaics, and drawing but prefers the medium of the Internet to express her work.

Having a love of learning, Lysa appreciates hearing from other designers and computer drop her a line.

Corporate experience includes 3 years at INTI, a small energy management firm. She held the position of Senior Associate/Government Projects Consultant. While at INTI, she was lead project manager for the development of the 150 page manual for the Connecticut Rental Assistance Project. Prior to that position, she worked for seven years as a property manager for a large retail chain in the US and also functioned as liaison between Construction, Real Estate and Legal Department heads.

Hobbies include biking, music, travel and following world & cultural events. She is a NY Yankees fan, enjoys spirited discussions on sports and politics. Because she is located in Westbrook, the marine industry and beach community is a large part of her vocabulary...couldn't imagine being away from the water. Lover of art, gadgets and computers; web design finds Lysa a niche!


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